1. Unthinkable.
2. (Psychol.) Not subject to conscious attention; having an indefinite, relatively passive, conscious being; characteristic of the "fringe" or "margin" of consciousness.

Presentation considered as having an existence relatively independent of thought, may be called sentience, or anoetic consciousness. Thought and sentience are fundamentally distinct mental functions.

Anoetic Creative Business Solutions (a-cbs) started in 2002 as a provider of broadband internet access and affordable web hosting solutions, and has over the years expanded its client base and its offerings further.

In 2011, Anoetic joined forces with The Pixelzoo to provide a full spectrum of internet related services that includes internet design and marketing services.

In 2017, Anoetic became a accredited registrar with ZA Central Registry and launched the Domain cafe - a place to register all your client, business, personal or fan blog domains – all in one central place.

Commerce has migrated almost totally to transactions made via the World Wide Web. Even face-to-face business is mediated by customers first researching their purchases online before they step into an actual store. That is why even small businesses must have a basic knowledge of web sites and web hosting services. That is our focus - to ensure that you are educated in what is needed to maintain a presence online, that your website is safely hosted and can easily be found by interested parties, and to do so without needing indepth technical knowledge.

With Anoetic you can depend on:

  • Wide range of products
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Direct access to the technical team
  • Reliable servers and connectivity
  • Secure and regular backups
  • Top-quality support infrastructure