ADSL / Fibre Internet Line

ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line) and Fibre (Optical Fibre line) are types of line that is installed from the telecommunications exchange to your property, allowing you to have a direct line to the internet. Fibre is being installed nationwide and is fast replacing ADSL as it is much faster and more reliable. Accelerate your internet for faster internet browsing with our ADSL / Fibre options.

Types of Services Billing regularity Line Speed Limits
ADSL - Basic Monthly fee 2 mb /sec Capped / Uncapped
ADSL - Medium Monthly fee 4 mb /sec Capped / Uncapped
ADSL - Fast Monthly fee 8 mb /sec Capped / Uncapped
Fibre - Basic Monthly fee 10 mb /sec Capped / Uncapped
Fibre - Medium Monthly fee 20 mb /sec Capped / Uncapped
Fibre - Fast Monthly fee 100 mb /sec Capped / Uncapped

The amount of data used in browsing the internet is charged for seperately to the line. All ADSL and Fibre lines are paid for in advance for the upcoming month. 30 days calendar written notice is required to cancel any ADSL line.