Hosting is the space on an internet server that your website files and database are kept. This allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. To create and/or maintain your own website on our hosting platform, we suggest starting with our smallest hosting option and as your site grows, migrate to more appropriate hosting option.

Our hosting packages are competitive in the market place and offer cheaper monthly hosting for those of our customers with HTML websites OR CMS websites.

Hosting Packages HTML CMS
Space < 100mb < 500mb
Email Address 1 free 1 free
Database - 1 database
Traffic limits unlimited unlimited
Price per month

We will notify you when you have reached your maximum disk space capacity and will provide you with a short grace period so you can do the necessary cleanup, or otherwise we can migrate you to the next hosting package.

Hosting is automatically renewed each month and is payable in advance for the upcoming month. 30 days written notification of cancellation of the hosting option is required.

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