Online Marketing

* Online marketing : refers to the advertising and promotion of your company, service, product or entire website on the internet. This is carried out using various internet tools, such as online adverts, banners, social media, search engine and directories. It is another channel for marketing your brand and can be used in conjunction with tradional marketing activities like print, outdoor advertising and television.

Our sister company, The Pixelzoo will work with you to craft a comprehensive marketing campaign for all your online activity that utilises proven techniques to target individuals and businesses that have need of your products and services.

They will work with you to monitor and refine the campaign to build upon its effectiveness. They analyse the behaviour of people who visit your site, will widen your visibility, identify the source of traffic that buys and ensure that the return you get across your online channels is optimised.

The internet is a new communications media with a new set of rules that do not always follow the old. The Pixel Zoo can guide through the labyrinth and show you how you can best take advantage of what for many is an outstanding commercial opportunity with a well designed website and a marketing strategy to support it.